Monday, January 19, 2009


Things on the home front have been fraught this last week, the house, much like myself, is feeling its age and the central heating boiler has had an intermittent fault which no fewer than four Scottish Gas guys failed to diagnose.

When it failed to boot up again yesterday morning our hearts sank, but the repair service sent us a wonderful woman engineer, who quickly and systematically discovered the fault and showed us how to do a work-around until the new part can be fitted tomorrow.

At the same time the bathroom cistern packed in, but I was able to google the fault and then tell the plumber over the phone that it was a broken siphon , and he came over with a new one and fitted straight away.

Here's hoping we don't have a third thing go wrong!

I watched the Obama concert last night, Sky had it on their Arts Channel, and once again Bono showed just how "up himself" he really is when he subjected everyone to yet another speech on the need for world peace - there's nothing like stating the bleeding obvious there Bono...

Mind you apart from a Bob Marley song U2 were about the only other foreign influence on the affair.

Once again I was very moved by the mixture of joy and disbelief registered on so many black faces - I won't say African Americans as I know many black people travelled from all over the world to witness the event for themselves.

For all our sakes I truly hope Obama pulls it off, although his choice of team doesn't actually suggest that anything very radical is likely to happen.

I also caught a discussion on Vita Sackville-West on the radio this morning and it mentioned a great quote of hers, along the lines that division in this world is not between men and women, but rather that a rift exists between the worker and the dreamer.

All I can say is that I'm very glad I've managed to buy a little dreaming time, even if it was by a rather drastic route.



Blogger BarbaraS said...

That's an interesting quote from VSW. I missed the interview - damn - and I wanted to hear it but got caught up doing other stuff... sometimes I wonder whether I've got enough time for dreaming :s

12:13 pm  
Blogger PI said...

I love 'Portrait of a Marriage' - about Vita's marriage - not your average Derby and Joan.
Forgive me if you've heard it but Bono did a concert and started clicking his fingers saying every click meant a child died in Africa.
' Stop f-----g doing it then.' was heard from the gods.

3:18 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Was that their son's book about the two of them? I loved the series the Beeb did on her years ago, based on that book - she was some woman.

I think he's married to Sarah Raven the gardener?

Yes I remember that about Bono, it was at the G7 Make Poverty History concert. He's become too precious and full of his own importance for my taste.

3:23 pm  

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