Friday, January 09, 2009

Just beautiful

Bach's Cello Suite No1 Prelude

This is just so beautiful, the sound and the setting. It is good to listen to such things on a gloomy January day to remind yourself of all the treasures there are to be had.

And this is Du Pre playing the First Movement (Adagio Moderato) of the Elgar Concerto.

I'm away rom the pc just now concentrating on the annual greenhouse clear up and doing some research in the library on the "big garden" for our open day in June. We're doing an information board and I'm looking at the town photographic archive, which goes back to the 1900s, and maps, censuses etc for good material.


Blogger PI said...

It is reassuring to hear music like that.
Enjoy your break - from computing that is:)

4:32 pm  

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