Saturday, January 03, 2009

High Dynamic Range

I went to vote on my photos yesterday. There was some really great stuff on show so I doubt I will win much, although I might just have a chance in the Environmental Impact category.

In the landscape section the best shot has used "high dynamic range" -it is a software programme that allows you to combine the best of three bracketed "exposures". I wasn't sure this was allowed in the rules and in any case I didn't have the software, but as I got some Christmas cash I bought the Photomatix programme yesterday and I've been experimenting with some things, as I always bracket my landscape shots to make sure detail in the sky etc is preserved.

the shot here is an HDR version of the dry stane dyke wall shot below


Blogger BarbaraS said...

No idea of what you're on about, but I think I can see from the difference between the two pictures: the detail, being amazing.

I love pictures that use boundaries to such a dramatic effect. We've mountains near us where you can see stone walls built up and over them, to what avail who knows: possibly something to do with famine relief work meted out during the 1840s...

2:55 pm  
Blogger Totalfeckineejit said...

That's quite impressive the sky has re-appeared in the HDR image .Does this mean that you could just set the optimum exposure for the wall, overexpose the sky and then get it back using HDR? Good luck in da comp!

9:42 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

I remember being faxcinated by hdr when I first started browsing on flickr. I think it needs using judiciously, it can look overdone, and I still have a little nagging thought it's sort of cheating. But I'm sure you'll use it with integrity!

I'll come back to the videos shortly - tea's brewed!

7:02 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

rry i was rude not replying to these. TFE, yes if you bracket your shots, shot one for the wall, one for the sky and onre for the far distance. I usually braket one stop below and one stop above, but hdr software suggests you stop 2 dowwn for best results.

I agre Lucy it can look over done, but the landscape I saw was draw dropping as it was a soft grey day on a loch and the detail was mind-boggling.

6:04 pm  

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