Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Desert Island Discs

I must say I think Kirsty Young is doing a great job in the hot seat on this BBC Radio4 programme. It is one of my favourite radio shows, and I have this personal list of records in my head, which I thought I'd set down here. DD limits you to 8 records that you'd like to take to a desert island, I think that's a bit stingy, but I'll give it a go:

Puff the Magic Dragon, Peter, Paul and Mary. Part of the the soundtrack of my childhood.

At Seventeen , Janice Ian. This is the classic teenage angst song for all girls who weren't the cheerleader type.

Because the Night (belongs to lovers), Patti Smith, fab version of a Springsteen song.

Elgar's Cello Concerto in E Minor, Jacqueline du Pre. Just the most beautiful thing.

Now Westlin Winds, Dick Gaughin/Robert Burns. A faboulous Burns song, way back then he was writing about man's treatment of Nature.

Village Idiot, Van Morrison, one of his later songs, but a great one about whether a simple man who never travels has more than those who go off to conquer the world.

Run, Snow Patrol, this was the theme song for a bunch of us going through chemo.

Anchored down in Anchorage, Michelle Shocked. Just a great song about two women/friends leading very different lives.

OoH I've got loads left over too, but I really think I couldn't live without these.


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