Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Really enjoyed our weekend. I think we are learning how to adapt to being a child-free. We had a really good pub meal on Friday night, right across the road from the flat. I had fresh crab from Eyemouth, which was delicious, and a pheasant and bacon casserole with red cabbage,apple and onion. Looking at the number of pheasants squished on the road on the way down made me wonder if the pub makes very good use of road kill! There's a diner on one of the big routes in the USA that has a sign saying "Roadkill, you kill it, we grill it".

Saturday there was a second hand book sale, again just over the road. I bought three poetry books for £1.50. The one I like the best is a Penguin book of Russian post- war poets, obviously in translation. Russians always make me feel like I'm lacking in soul. I'll post details of a few of the poems I like at a later date.

The weather was wild and windy and the light low and poor, so camera work was not very rewarding, but the shot I've posted here was taken down by the Tweed. I liked the massive rows of poplars marching down the river bank as far as the eye could see.

Good test of any break is that it feels longer than it actually is, and that was true of this weekend. Also went to the French market, everything was pretty dear, but very good. Bought "brut" Normandy cider, and lovely bread and pastries. I brought back some Madelaines for N, which she adores for breakfast with really good coffee.

So sad to read on the support board that Janice has died. Not unexpected, but very shocking all the same. I think cyberspace makes it all the more unreal, as it is such a one dimensional world.


Blogger PI said...

Sounds like a good foodie week-end. I also love madelaines - apart from theliterary connection - they always calmed my tummy problems in France.

1:25 pm  
Blogger blkbutterfly said...

that picture? simply amazing! i mean, i knew you had a gift, but that one's just wonderful!

had you had a great weekend!

4:36 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Hey thanks blkb! I love black and white, and the scene was just perfect, though I risked falling in the very fast river for the shot!

11:53 am  

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