Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well sun is shining

It's a beautiful day, though bitterly cold. I've been pruning my old apple tree, and then I watched N's grandaughter for a while, which was fun. We were doing pencil rubbing of coins and then cutting them out. She's never seen this done before and she loved it. We used to do it as kids to make our own "shop money" for our make believe grocers.

Getting some interesting feedback about the show and book. A few of the women who came have decided to forego Christmas cards and give a donation to MacMillan Nurses instead. I think it's a wonderful idea. This woman on the breast canceer support board I used is currently being supported by a Mac nurse. Janice is an amazing woman, who recently commented that she was becoming Marge Simpson as the cancer in her liver was making her so jaundiced. In this post she mentions how they've set up a bed for her in the living room, so she can have more time with her family.

The book is going out on loan in the library, which is quite a kick. Maybe I'm achieving a little of what I set out to, which is to make people see that you are just a person dealing with a tough break, and that help and kindness can make it all so much easier.

So I'm again reminding myself that I have much to be grateful for, this and every other day and I'm off to walk the dog and shop for dinner. I fancy making a minced lamb sauce with coriander and tomato and aubergine, to have with some penne.


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