Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I share DNA with a Grizzly Bear

I know I share 98.97% or something of my DNA with chimps, but I think I'm more grizzly bear than anything else. I had a lovely weekend, Barbara and I work really well together in a garden, we sort of instinctively know how to go about a job. She's over 6ft and I'm wee so we can work at different heights. Although while doing a massive pruning job on an old apple tree she did pull the rope that brought a branch down on top of me, which left me eating tree and lichen! But that just made me laugh. I was still finding bits in the bath that night

Came home very tired, and a bit sore as my "bad arm" has a little lymphodema from overdoing heavy work. (We mulched masses of soft fruit with muck that was water-logged and therefore very heavy.) I've done some lymph massage, as that's the only way to drain the fluid, but my arm still feels too short on the inside for the outside, if that makes sense.

My men seem to expect me to be grateful that they've managed to feed themselves while I was away! Heaven forefend that I should actually expect them to do any tidying up!

And I've discovered that I've double booked myself for two events on the same night. Why does my brain have this split memory that thinks I can be in two places at the one time! Sad thing is I still want to do both! One is a pamphlet sale for the book and the other is Christmas dinner with charity that I work with. We're really pleased as we've just secured funding for another three years - and I'm quite proud as I suggested a way to rearrange our work to meet the funding requirements of the people we had to bid to - the goal posts are always shifting on these things.

So I need to unpick that stupid mess, and I've loads of phone calls to sort out. Plus we're away at the weekend, so I need to get organised for that too.

But I'm tired and a little grumpy, and feel like I'd really like to hibernate until Spring. Christmas looms, and I really can't be bothered with it. Can't we all have a truce? Can't we all just agree to have a nice meal and maybe one decent present and then go for a walk on the beach?

BTW this is the castle curator's lovely Burmese Blue, stuck up a tree. I love the way the blue of her coat is mirrored by the grey-blue of the lichen. She eventually got down backwards in a very unladylike fashion.


Blogger PI said...

Lovely post and photo. Oh if only... your suggestion about Christmas. I should be thankful - we have our usual delightful invite from one of the children where we're always spoilt and cherished. Last year we both got 'flu and couldn't go. Fingers crossed for this year. Don't worry about being bit grumpy - keeps them on their toes!
Take it easy!

3:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A beautiful cat.

Funny you say you are wee, I imagine you to be tall!

Yup, Christmas should be one present and a nice dinner unless you are five then the razzmatazz is fine.

Been wondering if my lavender will die in winter, any tips?

11:23 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks Pat. That's wonderful that you get looked after at Christmas, I'm sure you've earned it over the years.

we're at a funny stage, my somn just wants cash to put towards golf things, and my in-laws who are separated will not come together even for Christmas, so we can only please one of them, and they are getting a bit frail for travelling, even in the car.
I love cooking and enjoy the day, just hate all the nonsense that goes with it. and the high expectation that people have.
I'm more rested today so feeling better. I have a special mattress at home and I really miss it when I'm away, and therefore never sleep very well.

NMJ Thanks, I'm tall on the inside, lol! I'm 5'4'', a classic Scottish short arse ;)

You're lavender, it depends where it is and what kind it is. The French stuff is more tender than the usual English lavender. It is a plant of the Med so while it will take cold it hates damp feet, so if it's in good sharp draining soil it will probably be fine. It's a bit late now, but you could take cuttings and put them in a pot on the windowsill inside, as an insurance policy.

10:57 am  

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