Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What to do?

I'm wondering about keeping on with this blog. So I'll mull it over, and maybe post less often for a while. I sense the whole thing has kind of gone off the boil anyway.

Yesterday was a good day, as I got N's computer to work on broadband. The set up instructions didn't work and her son hadn't had time to speak to the support desk at the weekend as the waiting times were in excess of 30 minutes. But I got through yesterday, and this really nice guy in Bangalore sorted it out. I must admit my experience of overseas help desks has not always been good, often communication breaks down over understanding the post code, and I don't have a very thick Scottish accent. But this guy was very good indeed and his English was brilliant. I'm quite pleased with myself as she has a Mac and I'm not usually very good with them. She's been waiting for over a month to sort it out, but her son and I have both been away and/or busy. I left N's happily surfing the Net and catching up on her e-mails.

I said I'd post one of the Russian poems/poets that I liked:


I am a crowded station. I realized it.
I realized,
there's a simple answer to everything.
I let the dry grain of human destinies
sift through my concrete fingers.

Hundreds of people in constant displacement
appear, only to vanish for ever.
Do not look for the comfort of regular accommodation
in these smoky halls with transit breezes.

I'm a lost child whose name is called out
over the loudspeaker, again and again.
I'm an unshaven lush who stares wildly
from the refreshment-room bar at the people hurrying by.

I'm a belabelled tourist, a businessman with a briefcase,
a failure, glancing more and more at the rails...
I am packed with people -I'm lost, lost!
I long to go on trips, to visit other places.

Do not look for one person in me,
do not look for order in the noise and crush.
But come to me if you've nowhere to sleep,
put your feet up on my hard benches!

German Plisetsky

Must be my Baltic blood, but I love this.


Blogger PI said...

I firmly believe one should only blog when one gets the urge but I shall be very sad if you stop.

3:38 pm  
Blogger blkbutterfly said...

i co-sign w/ pi. i've also contemplated stopping. i think a lot of ppl are feeling that way. perhaps it's a seasonal thing.

2:55 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thank you both, that's kind.
It's just finding the time really.
And I want to discuss cancer issues, but that seems to be the kiss of death in generating comments.

I feel I've got feet in two camps. The one that has dealt with cancer and the everday world, and they are not the same, and I'm not sure how to bridge the gap, or indeed if I really want to. My world feels much more real than the other one.

1:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same about my blog.

11:43 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks B. Hope the job is going well.

I'll probably post a bit tomorrow.
Been out all day today and I'm shattered.

12:24 am  

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