Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Junk mail and blogging

I'm beginning to think that, despite having the latest pc security, firewall, spam filter et al, there's a real relationship between the site/blogs that I look at and the junk mail that I receive. This morning I got a form letter from the Conservative party/Mr Cameron asking me to complete a multiple choice questionnaire. The only way they could have targeted me is by virtue of the fact that I followed a link on nhsdoc's blog to their site. The questionnaire is quite entertaining, it reads a bit like a beauty pageant candidate's manifesto, eg what are my priorities, do I want to tackle social exclusion, or make world poverty history or would I prefer to make my country secure?

I'm pretty apolitical these days, but I really get the sense that Mr Cameron is the new Tony Blair in the worst possible way. You take an ailing party, drop all it's old and less than appealing core values, and then give it a quick make over using some touchy feely slogans and hope the electorate will swallow it hook,line and sinker. Someone should tell him we've all had a bellyful of shows like Changing Rooms! .

Next thing we'll discover about him is that when he was only twenty one hewrote a twenty two page letter to Maggie Thatcher, telling her how much he had always admired her and Adam Smith.

The list of New Labour mess ups seems to be growing, the rules for life sentences, the one sided extradition treaty with the US, and now this morning the legislation surrounding openness in the English Family Courts. And they think the Home Office isn't fit for purpose!

Maybe I'm just too old and grumpy to think about politics these days, maybe it's a young person's game.

Exciting news today is that I'm going to hear the American poet Adrienne Rich read tonight. She considered by some to be America's finest living poet, so I'm really glad to be getting the opportunity to hear her read. My friend read Integrity for me at my 50th birthday party, Rich wrote it at 49. It's a wonderful, wonderful poem, so full of images of all the roles a woman plays in life.


Blogger Cailleach said...

That is exciting Apprentice about Adrienne Rich. I hope you have a ball and come back and tell all!

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