Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Photography Competition Winners

Here's the link to see the winning shots


Blogger Lucy said...

You should be very proud of that shot, it's really original. There are some good ones there, aren't there, though I think perhaps I've seen enough grizzlies catching salmon to last me a while.

I liked your doh-re-me video, made me smile.

(Comment verif is 'restome', which is where you might like to be having chicken soup made for you... or perhaps not!)

6:58 pm  
Blogger Colin Will said...

Well done on yours, A. Anita N is one of the Haddington members, btw.

10:10 pm  
Blogger Pam Hart said...

Dear Anna,
I like your photo a great deal. Congrats on the win!

1:18 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks folks. Colin I knew her shot would win that category, I had one short listed there too, but I knew it didn't have enough to win.

1:57 pm  
Blogger Kay said...

To my eye, your photo is the most creative one there. Well done you!

3:35 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks Kay, mine isn't a vey positive message, but it does feel like the truth, the idea that we can just kick start this poor old world one more time andd all will be well seems crazy to me

12:41 pm  

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