Friday, February 06, 2009

Blech and Yipee!

Stop Press - The Mutating the Signature pieces that Lucy and I worked on together are now on line here at qarrtsiluni. I hope you like them, we enjoyed preparing them last December. Lucy has written much more lucidly about the whole process over on her blog. BTW if you want to find a little inspiration in each day be sure to bookmark Lucy's blog as she never fails to catch the spirit of the season, or mood of the day.

Thanks for the comments on the draft poem, I've taken it down as I'm still fiddling with it.
Had a bit of a lost evening yesterday with my first migraine in almost two years, but I'm feeling better, if lighter today!

I had the tree surgeon in yesterday to pollard a twisted willow, Salix matsudana ‘Tortuosa’, that grows at the end of my garden, and I was out there afterwards trying to cram as much other garden rubbish into the skip before it got taken away and I think I just got really chilled.

I'm feeling a bit fed up with myself healthwise as I also failed the dexa/bone density scan that was ordered for me after stopping Arimidex, the breat cancer drug I was on for three and a half years. So I now have to take a calcium supplement twice a day, and it tastes absolutely revolting, like eating a stick of blackboard chalk. I'm disappointed to need a supplement, as I had hoped eating a healthy diet would have been enough. But it is a small price to pay compared to everything else that I've gained.

I'm also getting daily visits from the pup Jack Russell, whose home borders the end of our garden. He's learned to scale a 6ft stone wall and I keep finding him happily digging up my bulbs.
Last night I spotted him out in the gloaming at 5.30pm having a whale of a time. My dog
just sits at one of the intersections of the paths and gives the odd bark - like a despairing old uncle, as the pup loops-the-loop all around him. I fear he's like a baby who has learned to toss something out of his pram and that he won't stop until a better distraction comes along. His owner apologises profusely when I take him home, but I'm not sure what she can do to keep him in and he is so cute it is hard to be angry with him.

Off to sleep for a bit now, as I still feel a bit spacey.


Blogger Colin Will said...

Hope my migraine poem on Tuesday didn't bring it on!

2:52 pm  
Blogger BarbaraS said...

Oh A, you too? I think it must be the change in light or something. I dspair of ever being rid of them entirely...

4:50 pm  
Blogger Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey app. migraine is a curse for sure, I used get them every weekend when I was younger (and more stressed).Less frequent now but they are still a curse.I sympathise too that you don't like that blasted calcium supplement, hopefully it won't be for long:) as for the jack if I hadn't recently been converted to the devoted ranks of beguiled dog owners I'd have said get a twelve bore!Must check-out your collaboration on qarrtsiluni.
ATB DaEEjit.

7:11 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Thanks for the nice words, the appreciation is more than mutual. Sorry about the bad head and general yukkiness, hope it's improving. I did smile about your dog 'like a despairing old uncle' though!

7:05 am  

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