Thursday, February 19, 2009


First thanks to Roseneath for the tag.This is the sixth photo in my sixth folder of B&W material. I took it for a friend of a friend and the framing was a lucky accident. But she loved it and I do too.

On the competition I WON!!! I got first prize in the environmental category, which is interesting because I was at a poetry workshop on Saturday and the guy taking it said, in response to another person's poem, something along the lines of, "I don't really do the environment, it's not really a concern of mine".

Sometimes it does you good to be reminded that you can't assume that you are preaching to the converted! But I can't for the life of me see how you can truly be a poet if you don't care for the world around you, but maybe that's just me.....

The judges in the competition were good, in that they said that in this category they were looking for more than a competently taken photograph, they were also looking for something that conveyed an idea.

My B&W shot was of a burst football washed up on the tide line all battered and burst. I photographed so it looked like a mini planet that had been given a right good kicking. one whole section ripped open revealing the structure underneath.

I'm also researching 17th century varieties of thyme and I'm in contact with the lady who holds the national collection, she tells me she is doing DNA research into thyme, which, if you hear it said out loud,is kind of a lovely idea I think.

This my fav song currently, The Poorest Company by Kris Drever John McCusker Roddy Woomble:

Almost complete lyrics


When the world feels like the water breathing in and out of thee,
And I'm standing beside you, there's a shadow where a man should be,
I would be glad enough if wherever I may be,
People would remember we're woven in this tapestry.

When we steal what we can, with the courage to be free,
And I've found where I belong among the poorest company.

When the world feels like a world, a useless spinning ??
A country round my shoulders, a flag raised on a gallows tree,
I won't let it get you down. I know there are people now
Who bind together what they do and live their lives like I want to.

When we steal what we can, I take everything I see,
And I've found where I belong among the poorest company.

When we steal what we can, with the courage to be free,
And I've found where I belong among the poorest company.


Blogger BarbaraS said...


Sorry if I'm shouting, but I am in Ireland...

This is fantastic news and I can't wait to hear more about your win... you're dead right, if writers and artists are dead to the impact of environment or its impact on us, well, that just doesn't wash with me.

1:58 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Atta girl!

3:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for playing and congratulations

4:48 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Hooray and yippee and congratulations, I hope it's given you the lift it sounded like you needed.

5:49 pm  
Blogger Colin Will said...

Congratulations. That's fantastic.

Interesting to hear about the workshop leader's views. Looks like I must have sent him the wrong kind of poems when he was editor of West Coast Magazine!

11:44 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks all, it was a really nice and unexpected piece of news.
It has helped to get me out of the cul de sac that is my head at the moment.

And I might actually get on to the Bass Rock this time as we go over in July.

Colin I think he is just a very urban type of man, that's his whole experience and he doesn't seem that keen to look beyond it.

12:25 pm  
Blogger tea and cake said...

Oh my, Congratulations on the Win!

7:11 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks TC

4:46 pm  

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