Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yay for Debs!!

My friend Debs has just been appointed to a new writer in residence job. I'm not sure how public it is so I won't say where, but she's really excited about it and it will be a perfect fit with her own novel writing. I'm so happy for her and it comes on the back of her husband getting a new, very high-powered directorship, so they're both celebrating. She is a very talented person, not only is she a great writer, David Gemmell was her mentor, she is also very good with IT and she's said that she might be able to help me put together a podcast of Peeling Onions.

Her new book, Swarmthief's Treason comes out this autumn.

Last night I got invited to dinner by the woman who asked me for the large format leek print. The renovations to her house are finished and the picture has been hung in the new kitchen/garden room, above the splendid new range and mantlepiece. I've inserted a quick snap above. I must admit I'm really pleased with this shot. The leeks are monster ones taken at the local horticulural show last year. They were the size of a kitchen table, and the leaves looked like beautiful seaweed. I cross processed the resulting shot. Somehow it seems appropriate that they now hang in a very swish new kitchen. I'm always terrified of commissions, but I love seeing the final results.

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Congrats all round!

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