Monday, January 22, 2007

Normality returns

Really loved seeing my son go off to school this morning. Not sure he shared my enthusiasm, but even so a good dose of normality is very welcome.

I'm listening to some excellent radio while putting the house to rights. Start the Week was really good this morning, they spoke about Samuel Beckett's Happy Days, and the new O'Toole film "Venus" (Venus Synopsis: Will follow a seasoned if unsuccessful thesps in their 70s who are forced to re-evaluate their lives after the introduction of an inquisitive young woman.) It was wonderful to listen to a discussion on issues affecting people over 50! They also did a piece on the Paris Review, an American literary magazine. It specialises in the literary interview. A friend in NY did a year's internship with them and really enjoyed her time there. She sent me one of their T-shirts. I must remember to wear it to my poetry class sometime!

Now I'm happily listening to Andy Murray doing reasonably well against Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open, although he's at a rocky point in the second set, having taken the first, after being a set point down. I just hope I'm not my usual kiss of death! He'll do well to live with Nadal over 4 or 5 sets.


Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I've been snooping around, catching up, and am just back from reading "Remembrance" on your writing page. It's beautiful and affecting in a very gentle vein. And I want to buy "Peeling Onions", please? I love your photography and I want to see your poems too.

How can I send you the spondulas? Do you have Paypal?

BTW, Venus is getting rave reviews all over the states. I just watched "The Lion In Winter" the other night, one of my favourite films and a reminder of Peter O'Toole's stupendous talent. Venus should be good.

10:54 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks Sam. I think Scottish Poety Pamphlet link will take Paypal. It's on my sidebar, but I've put it here too. Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it.

11:43 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Good news your boy is back at school. Whenever we have an incident I yearn to get back to normality, I watched part of the tennis match and it was brilliant and bodes well for the future. He seems to be maturing very well.

11:36 am  

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