Tuesday, January 23, 2007


That smug wifie on the programme that has replaced John Peel on a Saturday morning mentioned this, and said she couldn't find it on the net. I like a challenge, so I went looking. But please don't look if you're about to eat, or indeed if you are actually eating.

This crew are based in NY and they call themselves, surprisingly enough, the "Sprinkle Brigade".They go about pulling stunts with dog poo, which they then photograph/film.

I'm glad I found the website because it has dampened the odd yen I felt to grab my camera and go and buy a tub of sprinkles, I mean hundreds and thousands (a much better name IMHO).

Their website is here and they have video, blech!!!!

On Saturday there was quite a good discussion on the radio about cleaning up after dogs and how it all goes into plastic bags and then landfill, where it won't rot down due to the plastic. But I turned it off as my bacon sarnie was rapidly losing its appeal.

A disgusting subject I know, but a mere mention of sprinkles gets me interested every time - just don't tell my husband ;)!

Maybe Bush should add some sprinkles to his speech tonight, they might make it a little more palatable, and a few sprinkles on the next credit card bill would sugar- coat it a little.

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Blogger Cailleach said...

Good stuff that you turned up the website - that's persevernce paying off!

I've seen this done before, where an artist framed plaster casts of his dog's poo. They were very varied... nine in total, if I remember and the reaction was the same - eeeuuuueewww

2:26 pm  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

'Hundreds and thousands' is a far superior name - I can't believe they call them 'sprinkles' - SO unimaginative!

6:11 pm  

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