Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Better Day

Just back from Outpatients with my son. His eye is looking good, the clots around the rim of his iris are disappearing, which means they're being reabsorbed and the eye is draining. And the pressure in that eye is now below his good one, so they've cut the steroid drops back, as he needs to be tapered off them, but not too quickly. His pupil is still fixed and dilated, but apparantely it is like a muscle and may take up to six months to recover from the blow it suffered during the accident, and if it doesn't he can wear an adapted contact which will give him a normal sized pupil - sometimes a dilated pupil can let too much light on the back of the eye, causing headaches.

He still has a stitch in the eye, but she's leaving that for a bit yet. So he can go back to school on Monday, provided he avoids being jostled in the corridors, and we go back to the hospital again in two weeks. I'm so grateful to the skill of the consultant, as a good outcome now will reduce the risk of complications later on.

His school work is obviously suffering, but I've spoke to his registration teacher, and she's gathering up notes for hiom from all his subject teachers and I've scoured the net and managed to find and downloaded the Spark Notes on the Heart of Darkness for him on i-tunes. He'll be able to listen to them on his i-pod rather than reading through masses of notes. Changed days since I did my Higher English!

And I must be on a wee bit of a roll as I got a placing in a short story competition on this blog
Mine is here, "Off the Grid".

On the photographic contest I may even get to spend a day with the professional wlidlife photographer who judged it. Not sure yet though as the blurb wasn't specific about the prizes in each category. I won the landscape.

Off now to walk the dog and get my haircut, and after that I may feel almost human again.

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