Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mixed bag

I enjoyed the Scottish Poetry Pamphlet Fair. There was a lot of variety on display in the stalls, and I bought the lovely Rob's pamphlet and a children's one for my young newphew, which has lots of great illustrations in it too. I look forward to reading Rob's. I sold a few copies of mine and was encouraged when Tessa Ransford stopped and spoke to me. She said she too had had treatment for cancer, and she's be apprehensive when she heard I was to read a cancer poem, but that she had liked its tone very much indeed. I made more sales after the reading than before it, so that was encouraging.

Anyway enough already, on to other things. I had to laugh at my husband, he's told me to tell my son what he'd like for Christmas from him, which is either the Paul Weller's Greatest Hits, or, and get this, a nose hair trimmer!

Never though I'd lived to see the day when someone from the Jam and nasal hair were mentioned in the same sentence. I wonder if he'll pogo while trimming his hairs, he will if the thing gets snarls up in them, ;)!

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Blogger Cailleach said...

That's really encouraging, apprentice about the Pamphlet fair! Lovely to hear that your reading prompted more buyers too!

Very weird juxtaposition with Paul Weller and noise-hair trimmers!?! Who can tell what goes on men's minds sometimes???

2:57 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks Barbara.

Yes I'm at a loss to understand men at times and I'm surrounded by them in this house, even the dog's male!

3:24 pm  

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