Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Doppelganger

I was surfing a writers' site the other day and short story by someone with exactly my name, albeit my maiden name, caught my eye. It was really strange reading something that had my name attached to it, which had absolutely nothing to do with me.

Turns out this Anna is a Canadian writer. She's very good, check out her blog here. I'll sidebar it when I get a minute.

Maybe I'll become like that guy, whose name escapes me :), and set about trying to find how many other Anna Hoods there are in the world. It is a difficult surname, especially at school, where you get saddled with Red Riding Hood etc. And on the phone it's a nightmare, "Hood, no not Good, or Wood! No Hood! Yes, as in Robin"...and then they start to hum that flipping Brian Adams' song.

Mind you my married name is worse, but we won't go there.

Looking forward to the reading tonight. Got a nice e-mail from a nursing lecturer who wants to buy the book, he said,"I strongly believe that the use of patient experiences is essential to help the student to at least gain some insight into health care from the 'other side' lest they forget what it is we are all about.

Thank you for what you have done, there is a particular courage involved in
placing such things in the public domain and I am grateful to all who have
done so."

Thanks Carl!

Tomorrow I'm making gingerbread tree decorations with Bonnie, N's grandaughter. She's appropriated an old milking stool I had to reach the counter in her Mum's kitchen. I used to do these with my son, and I'd end up with half the neighbourhoods kids around the table covered in icing and gunge. I just hope I can find my cookie cutters.


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