Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Must do better

Won't have time to post tomorrow, or the next couple of days as builders are coming in the morning! First step will be to give them biscuits to give to the dog, and then he might let them over the threshold with their bums intact. After that they'll be able to come and go as they please. It's his Bonio toll system.

Then I have the pleasure of my second last parents' night ever. They will all say, "M could do better if he made more effort". And they'll assume that I know what he's up to, which I don't as I don't speak Monosyllabic and he doesn't answer my questions. Just as well that he already has the passes he needs for the course he wants to do at uni next year. He did a Young Scot business event at the weekend and his school team won the marketing prize, which we're very proud about. But I think they're all convinced that real life will be one big episode of the Apprentice. God help us all! :) My husband and I are both public sector workers, in health and housing policy areas, and having a son who wants to be an entrepreneur is like a couple of hippies raising a straight-laced child. Anyway as long as he makes enough to keep us both in our senility.

Had lunch today with three old colleagues, it was great to see them - they are one of the few reasons I miss work. B told me that when his four year old was asked what she wanted for Christmas she said, "A present for my big sister." A said her wee boy has gone for conventional things this year, last year he asked Santa for "a wee, tiny head", which had her a bit worried!
And we kidded I about having the carbon foot-print of a yeti as she was in Alaska in the summer and is now off to Berlin.

N. is also in Berlin for a week visiting a friend. I'm a bit jealous as it's a city I'd like to see.

Wish me luck with the builders, I'll be knee deep in plaster dust for the next three days at least.


Blogger PI said...

Dog biscuits builders - excellent idea. Must remember that. Oh I haven't got a dog! Good luck with it all and don't get a chill!

4:40 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks, dog is still have the odd melt gown,but he's in the front bedroom for now.

They've been pretty tidy so far, but dus is still settling, plus lots of touching up painting will be required.

9:52 am  

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