Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Phew glad that's over

Worst bit was sitting in the waiting room over an hour past my alloted appointment time. I hate that room as it's where my husband and i sat when they processed the core biopsy that diagnosed my cancer. Now I always sit at the opposite end of the room. But my "feel up" went well, nothing nasty was felt around the scar line, neck area or boob. Mammo result will take longer, and the radiologist are always very nice and inscrutable so I've given up trying to read their faces.
My consultant talked aboit my drug options further down the line, but I'm not going there as anything can happen between then and now so there's no point fussing about an abstract. I gave him a copy of the book, I wonder what he'll make of it.

So back to nicer things. Today I'm taking a CD of the triptych leeks to a large format printer to get a big print done for this commission I have. Tomorrow I'm sorting out my horticultural shots. I had about 60% of what I submitted accepted by garden world images, see sidebar, here's one example, the first shot on the top row is mine.
So I need to record what's been taken and what I can maybe pitch elsewhere. I really want to make enough to buy a lensbaby, it's a low tech wonky sort of lens, which has one sweet spot that gives you very unique pictures. I may have to ask Santa, lol :)


Blogger PI said...

Good! I'm glad it went well. And if you are a good girl I'm sure Father Christmas will oblige as long as you make sure all his little helpers are aware:)

11:39 am  
Anonymous Banana said...

Glad to hear that everything went fine.

7:14 pm  
Blogger CyberScribe said...

Consultants. I've a relative that I accompany to a consultant neurologist. After the neccessary questions, form filling etc he turns on his laptop and shows us pictures of his garden.So out of the 10 minute alloted time 3 times a year it's 15 minutes looking at pictures of his garden. I swear every year I've to visit his National Trust Open garden but haven't yet.

It's good to hear things went OK :-)

8:30 pm  
Blogger blkbutterfly said...

i'm so glad things went well. i came by earlier in the day to give a few words of support, but got sidetracked.

i know what you mean about places that hold too much of a bad memory...

4:10 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks all, it's a big hurdle for me and I'm glad to be over it. I'm like Asterix I always expect the sky to fall on my head!

Cyberscribe - Your consultant bloke is very typical, I think they get your file and think, "Oh hell what do I say?" His garden probably keeps him sane, but I think all these docs have to be a bit nutty to do what they do, just to have the sheer bravado to pick up a scalpel in the first place. But thank God that they do.

Mine chuntered on about there being no decision about what will follow my present drug, told me if I was still taking the old one, which works slightly less well, then at the end of my time on it they'd have given me another drug for a further three years because the first one was known to be less efficacious, but they don't know what they'll do after the new one, given its supposed to work better! Duh? Anyway I worry about that when the time come.

10:54 am  

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