Saturday, October 21, 2006

Vegging out

My men have gone off to a far flung lower league match in support of my husband's team, Ayr United. They are traveling with my son's friend and his Dad who support the other team. They've planned it like a military operation, and my son even got up at 8 o'clock which is 4 hours earlier than he usually does on a Saturday.

So it's me and the dog, which will be nice as the family have been at home all week on holiday and I've quite missed having the house to myself for long spells. Some people hate being alone, but at times I actually crave it. Anyway better make the most of it, including flying round Tescos to get something for dinner.

Last night we went to see The Departed with Jack Nicholson. He was the best thing in it. Storyline was OK, a bit like Bergerac with gratuitous violence, and the lead female role seemed like an after thought. But you can't beat Jack being a bad ass.
I would have liked to have seen Meryl in the Prada thing, but that was a bridge too far for my husband.


Blogger nmj said...

Devil Wears Prada is boring, though the clothes are fab!

12:52 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Is it? Meryl's hair looked good, I fancied a closer look at what must be a wig. Her brother teaches my friend's daughter drama in NY.

I think she's an amazing actress.

1:31 pm  
Blogger nmj said...

Meryl is fine in the film, it's just not that engaging, her character is too exaggerated to sustain interest, and the others are boring & cliched, though they all look great.

2:15 pm  
Blogger nmj said...

ps. Meant to say I don't tend to read much poetry ( I should read more!), but I love Edna St Vincent, The Philosopher is one of my favourite poems.

2:19 pm  
Blogger PI said...

It's our half term so am inundated for a week but still manage to escape to the pooter. I too would like to see the Prada one but going to the cinema is a bit of a trek so it has to be worth it. I hear tiny voices!

5:31 pm  
Blogger blkbutterfly said...

i thought DWP was good, not great, and it did lag from time to time. hmmm... i'm not doing a great job of convincing you, am i? but, really, it's a nice something to rent on a lazy afternoon. though, as busy as you are, i doubt you have too manu of those afternoons! :-)

i briefly thought about seeing The Departed, but decided not to; it would have only been to pass the time, and well, it didn't look like it was worth $8.

8:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I LOVE the house to myself too!
Have been thinking about seeing Prada - must look out for the JN film - about time he went back to being a BA. Mmmm .... it's time for me to go see a movie I think, it's been a while.

7:10 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

nmj I'm glad you like edna too. She lived an amazing life, very unconventional, many lovers, male and female. Her writing talent was recognised at a young age, and a patron paid for her education. She died not long after her partner. I think she had alcohol problems, but you'd have to be a tortured soul to write like that. I think the "fig" poems are brilliant, such clarity in so few words.

Pi I hope you survive the onslaught. I love having my SIL's wee boy, whose 7, but I'm equally happy to hand him back lol!

Blkb I know what you mean about $8 to see a film that maybe won't be that great. Actually I think there are very few I'd pay to see these days. I'm a words person, and most of the films these days just get by on great visuals. Last film Hollywood I thought was truly great was The Hours. I'm starting to appreciate French and Spanish cinema, but it's more of a pain to go right into the city to the arthouse cinema. I need to join a really good DVD club.

CB I'd get the departed on DVD, don't rush to the flicks, although it one of those films you can see with your old man -not a girlfriens film.

1:02 pm  

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