Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bloody workmen

I'm starting to feel like jonnyb, workmen said they'd start at the end of this week or next, but more probably this week. Not a sign of them, mind you there's a howling gale today, so I'm quite glad that the windows aren't being removed.

Got a nice letter today from Cancer Research UK thanking me for the funds raised by my "First Aid Kit for the Soul" night. I've written a letter to the local paper just to pass on their thanks to those who attended and supported the event.

Judith's reading was a great success last night, and I managed to sell all her copies.
Colin Will pulled the other three pamphlet writers, including me, out of the audience and gave us all a bow which as nice of him.

Today I'm delivering the big format print commission that I got. I hope it's well received, I always find these things nerve wracking. I've had it printed on white vinyl as it's going into a kitchen and it will handle steam etc better that way.
Also promised the head gardener at Craigievar a panoramic shot of the trees in front of the castle. It means "stitching" together in Photoshop about 6 shots I took when I was up there, and I've not had time. They've lost a lot of trees lately, to storms etc, and she wants a record of what's still there to help plan replanting etc.

Also got to write a conservation report for Haddington House Garden as part of our grant application. Quite looking forward to it, as it means researching the garden archive to extract useful bits, and meeting with one of the county archivists to dig out bits on the use of the land the garden stands on going way back. One of the enclosing walls was built in brick by Napoleonic prisoners, so I want to find info on that. I'm going to start tomorrow by picking up the archive from one of the other trustees.

So I'm not bored, just lack time to do everything I want to get done.

Tonight I'm seeing a good friend in Edinburgh and we're going to get something to eat and catch a film at Edinburgh's Filmhouse, home of arthouse cinema in the city. Not a clue what's on, but hopefully something will catch our eye.


Blogger Guyana-Gyal said...

Workmen here are a dime a dozen, and they sure hurry to get their work done. Some hurry so much, you should see our neighbours' roof across the road, haha, it is the most twisted roof I've ever laid eyes on. Visitors to our home are fascinated by it.

6:57 pm  
Blogger PI said...

And what do you do in your spare time?:)

11:44 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Send me some gg, or maybe not if your neighbours roof is anything to go by.

I want to know how these guys operate in the rest of their lives, are they as equally unreliable I wonder?

Pi, my time has just filled up. Don't know how I used to work now, well I do really cos I didn't have a life lol!

11:09 am  

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