Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rescue Service

Found a big toad swimming in the old water butt up by the greenhouse. Last time I fished him out, as the sides are sheer and he must have been stuck. But this time I just wedged a piece of wood in under the lip of the butt and gave him a gangway to walk up. I think he must be eating all the larvae in the water, which is helpful.

Yesterday on the path to the beach I spotted a tiny, tiny toad scurrying for the verge. This seems to have been a good summer for them. I also saw some really strange star shape fungi, must look them up. I tried again without success to get on the Valvona and Crolla mushroom hunt. They are a famous Edinburgh deli, and I always remember about the hunt too late in the year.

I have masses of thin skinned peppers and there are still loads of tiny plum tomatoes, so I think I'll roast them off in the oven today with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Loads of windfall plums, the air around them now has an alcoholic scent and late butterflies are feeding on them. They must get stoned!! A friend is making wine from her plums. I'll just freeze some more of mine mine, and maybe make some jam, I have a good, almost mincemeat type, recipe from PA in USA which is great at Christmas.

I'm working hard on keeping busy. I'm missing N, when this mood strikes either of us we go for long walks along the coast and talk it out. Bet she's on the beach grilling sardines. Being Basque eating fish is her favourite thing. In Bilbao she got me to eat some squid cooked in their own ink. Once up in the Highlands she cooked sardines outside in the garden while fighting off clouds of midges and drizzle.

Well at least I've got Basha here. We're off to the woods for walk. Then Tescos beckons, blech!! My men are off to watch Hibs v Rangers.


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