Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tomorrow never comes

Writing this tonight as tomorrow I want to crack on with a few projects, and I don't want to have the excuse of writing a blog entry to keep me from getting started.

I vegged out in front of the TV tonight. BTW Andy Murray I won't mention you again until you win something as I seem to be the kiss of death to your fortunes.

Yay Scotland winning 2-1 in Lithuania, and it was all the better as the boys did it in front of that eegit who owns Hearts, yes I'm a closet Hibee.

I mostly channel hopped,which is rare for me as I usually have to wrestle to do-da (our family name for the zapper/remote)away from one of my men before I get to chose, but they were both out tonight. I like that new Rick Stein series where he's on a narrow boat in France. Food looks fab, I'd like to cook a cassoulet (splg?), but sadly I don't think Tescos does Toulouse sausages or confit of duck.

Other than that I wish they'd roll all these reality TV things up into one programme, where lardy, badly dressed people live in a filthy home and contemplate building a new even bigger designer filthy hole, but first they need to lose ten stone, swap the wife, discipline the kids, dress better, clean up the old gaff and get rid of all their existing crap. They could call it "Steamed Genes"

Here's an American blog that monitors all the reality shows over there.


Anonymous Banana said...

Murray needs to bulk up his body before he can win any championship. He's too puny. He's a reminder of Henman when he first much hype and promises.

9:17 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Yes you're right I hope it doesn't turn out the same way. What i can't understand is the flash of brilliance, followed by a big slump. i think it's a mental thing too.

10:32 am  

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