Monday, September 04, 2006

Go Andy Murray

For once I'm glad we have Sky as I can follow Murray's progress in NY. Last night he was absolutely fantastic in a five set thriller against the No 10 seed. What a difference from Wimbledon. He's stepped up on to a whole new level. Brad Gilbert really seems to be helping him to bring out his best. Even when Gonzalez lost it he didn't get sucked in.

This is Andy's website

Photography exhibition went well. I didn't stay at the show all weekend, but the organisers said there was a steady stream of people looking at my stuff, as well as all the floral exhibits. I left contact details and I've received a few nice e-mails about my work, including a request for prints and an invite to join a camera club.

Now I'm working on the arrangements to launch my chapbook. I just hope this evening is going to work out.

I've added a link the blog of poet Colin Will. He has some good stories to tell about the Edinburgh Festival. I mentioned Colin's latest book recently. He also works really hard to promote writing in this area.


Anonymous Banana said...

Mr Murray needs to bulk up...he looks puny compared to the others

4:22 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

You're looking at him from a different view point B!

6:41 pm  

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