Friday, December 04, 2009

Bit of a Sophie Calle experience

Or rather it is the reverse of a Sophie Calle experience. I am getting e-mail for someone with my name, but, judging by the mail's content, a whole different life from mine.

She is younger, with a new baby, has just bought a house and has joined a mother and baby group. I don't know where the error is in her e-mail address, and I'm not keen to reply to any of the messages I'm getting, so the stuff just keeps on coming. It is all a bit weird.

one dot omitted

and a voyeur receives

the perfect gift

And just to expand on the Calle element why not tell me about your own strangest virtual identity crisis?


Blogger Titus said...

Yikes. This is a bit Twilight Zone. I hope you don't start hearing crying in the night.

Lovely lines.

I have a permanent identity crisis, so won't bore you.

9:10 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Interesting and I hope it all gets solved ASAP.

9:49 pm  
OpenID sunnydunny said...

When I moved to Dunbar I discovered there is a Will Collin living here. We sometimes get confused by local reporters. And I discovered another Colin Will last year. He's an artist living in Paris, and we're probably related through our Buchan ancestry.

8:12 am  
Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

There is a Juliet Wilson who is a humanist celebrant in Edinburgh. One day I found an article by her in the Guardian where she was described as a poet, performer and reviewer. Bit weird that I though so i emailed here to swap poetry, but it turned out that the Guardian nad Googled her and found me and used my biog for her. (Does this mean i'm famous then?)

8:02 pm  
Blogger Pat said...

Slightly off topic but a bit weird: I'm getting comments with today's date that must have been sent days ago and I just find them lurking in Dashboard and I check every day.
It worries me that it looks as if I have deleted them or ignored them.

4:04 pm  

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