Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lost Few Days

I've had some lurgy for the last ten days, I can't call it flu, as I'm not willing to submit myself to the sea of viruses that is the GP's waiting room. But I think I am starting to revive, if only by virtue of the drop in my coughing fits.

I can't believe that it will be December next week and as usual I have little desire to do the whole Christmas thing - if I could I'd buy a ticket to some off season hot spot and disappear until March.

But I did make some progress on the garden before I got ill, having bought some incredible show auriculas from the wonderful Alison at Angus Plants. They have fantastic names like "Cinnamon" , "Baggage", and "Snowy Owl".

Mine are all potted up in gritty compost in a cool greenhouse, waiting to go out on my new "auricula theatre" which I made from an old set of oak shelves I bought at a jumble sale, and which the lovely Jamie, my new 6'4" handy man, put up for me on the shed wall. (I really regret the dearth of men with power tools in this family - I blame my mother for taking me to see 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, it left me thinking I'd marry into a family who would be able to whip up a barn before lunch.)

And I have my seed order from the amazing Plant World Seeds nursery. They have some wonderful things, including rare wild S. American seeds that do well here. I'm planning to grow lots of grasses, as I love their movement, and how good they look when frosted.

Next week I have to submit myself to N's make-over plans for me, she want to supervise me buying an outfit to wear to the dinner for the launch of the National Galleries anthology. It will end in tears..........

And a couple of wee things:

you left a gap in the world today
the colour of a blue November noon

no more palmate leaves
no more sticky sap for bees
no more waxy candles in June

goodbye old friend,
this late in the year
we need light


walking in sharp November light
carrying my fog within


Crabbit Annie


Blogger Lucy said...

Not crabbit at all! I love that last couplet; it's how it is sometimes.

Hope you're feeling better.

11:41 am  
Blogger Rachel Fox said...

You always seem very good-humoured over here. Not crabbit at all (seconded)!

2:21 pm  
Blogger Pat said...

Ooooh you've got a Jamie too.
Get well soon.
You cold always cancel Christmas.

12:25 pm  
Blogger Rouchswalwe said...

Here in the States, we've made it through Thanksgiving. One down. I am avoiding the shops today like the Black Plague. The good thing is that there are plenty of computers available here at the public library.
Hope the cough doesn't hang on too much longer!

4:55 pm  
Blogger BarbaraS said...

Both this and the last poem are v. eloquent in their sparseness. You're very good at that, you know...

8:42 pm  
Blogger swiss said...

you going to the dinner thing?

i'll be the uncomfortably suited and tied one! tho that is as nothing compared to the 'what will i wear' crisis that t is about to have!

10:12 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks All, I'm must disguise it well then - I hate being ill in any shape or form.

We have the end of the Homeconing thingy here today, but it is blowing a galeand raining buckets, so I have no desire to stand in a wet High Street watching Dougie MacLean.

Swiss yes I'm going, though I'm rather nervous about it. I look forward to seeing you there. I think Alan G and I will share transport.

2:33 pm  
Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely poem sad though to lose a tree, even if it needed to be got rid of...

6:16 pm  

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