Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I must admit to enjoying watching G W ducking to avoid the flying shoes the other night.
One of the papers had a very funny cartoon today about shoes being outed as weapons of mass destruction.

What a great world it would be if we could line our leaders up once a year to chuck shoes at them and then demand that they say "mea culpa".

And think of all the lives we might save if we opened it up to an international audience.
We could even have a public vote on who to chuck the shoes at and who should get the national honour of doing the chucking - which would knock both Strictly and the Olympics into a cocked hat and save us all millions at the same time.

Of course there would have to be rules like - "No Jimmy Choo's" as those heels really would be lethal.

I'm trying to get Christmas organised this week, and I have my bone density scan on Friday morning, luckily N is driving me there, as I have a stiff neck and the thought of rush hour driving does not appeal.

And, after a 2 month wait, I finally got my mammo result back and it is clear, so that's a relief and I can stop dreading the arrival of the mail for a while.


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