Monday, July 30, 2007

Jason/Clarity of Night's Competition

There's still time to enter, you must write something not exceeding 250 words inspired by the photograph he's displaying. Look here

I've put an entry in and this time I've tried writing a wee bit of fantasy, as my friend Debs is always trying to get me to have a go at it. The piece is based on rowan trees, as they were thought to have magical powers, and they have actually been used in water-divining.

I've always loved them as a tree, and the place I wrote the haiban about has some lovely ones, so I got to thinking about some ancient wooded world, where maybe they were sacred.


Blogger Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Left a comment for you over at Jason's - lovely piece of evocative writing - well done! (Mine's No 50 :-) )

8:17 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks, I'll have a look at both.

11:24 am  

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