Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday morning radio

I love listening to the radio on a Sunday morning, as Radio 4 is like a great bag of pick and mix sweeties.

This morning I kicked off with Broadcasting House, one of the Sunday paper reviewers was Simon Hughes, chairman of the Liberal Democrats to non_UK folks, and I don't think he was too pleased when the presenter told him that when focus groups are asked to say what sweetie they associate with the Lib Dems leader Ming Campbell they tend to say " a Werther's Original". That made me smile.

The on the Archers we had Adam and Ian's gay wedding, with bad old Brian being shamed into going. The David and Ruth thing is a big yawn, and Pip has to be the most annoying child on radio since the Clithero Kid!

Desert Island discs wasn't that interesting as I wasn't familar with the playwright's work and his choices were pretty safe and boring.

The repeat of "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" was brilliant though. You can catch it here, although you need to be a regular listener to get all the wee in jokes. Eg they sing Knees Up Mother Brown to the theme tune of the Deerhunter. Anyway daft British humour at its best.

While listening I put up the Christmas tree, managed to wrestle it into the log base, and place a whacking great nail through the trunk and into the base. I think it is relatively straight, and I hope to persuade my son to decorate it this pm.
I got some really nice glass icicles at IKEA and they should look good. The house smells lovely already.

Also can somebody please teach the younger generation a few more words with the same meaning as "amazing". It seems to be the only word Zara Phillips and Leona Lewis can utter. Girls try, astonishing, incredible, surprising,impressive,wonderful,staggering,marvellous,

Recently research said that teachers were no longer taking kids on school trips as they feared the law suits if things went wrong. People were then asked where they'd take school kids on an outing and what would they show them. One wag said, "To the past, where they'd learn to spell!"

OK, where do I apply to become a grumpy old woman?

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Anonymous pat said...

I seem constantly to be leaving an engrossing radio programme eg Michael Parkinson on Sunday mornings. He's not my favourite person but he can't help being a Yorkshire man and he has interesting talkers and nostalgic music. My best time for radio is when I'm ironing. I'm too impatient to sit and listen.

2:17 pm  

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