Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blousy French ladies

My new bare-rooted roses finally arrive. They were due in October, but couldn't be dug up as they'd not gone dormant.They are all big blousy bourbon type flowers with heavy scent. I can't wait until the summer to smell them on a still evening. Two are French varieties, Mmme Isaac Pereire and Ferdinand Pichard, the other "Heritage" is a modern variety with an old look and a musk scent. I hope they do well, I've put them in ground that hasn't grown roses before, so there's no risk of roses disease in the soil, and I gave them a barrowload of homemade compost. Also finished tidying up the plum tree, now it too is dormant. I took off the large branch
damaged by the weight of the glut of fruit back in the summer. Also cleared the remaining grapes from the greenhouse, they were past their best, and pruned the vine.

Can't believe the amount of bulb shoots already through, I just hope we don't get a savage January/Feb that will frost and check all the growth. My winter jasmine is flowering, adding a Spring-like yellow to the a corner of the garden before we've even got to Christmas.

I'm looking forward to the garden next year, it''s in the best nick it's been in for years, I just hope the new things I've put in take and flourish

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Blogger anna said...

Hey there! Our lilacs are sending up new shoots and have buds ready to burst on old growth -- yes and it not Christmas. I hope your roses grab onto their new location for you. Blousy ladies - love that
i never thought of roses this way, peonies but not roses, but yet full blown they are

I read the poem below from your Sri Lanka friend... touched!

3:32 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks Anna, Dissa's a very good man.

Yes peonies are large blousy ladies alright! My lilac is breaking too, hope it doesn't get frosted. I clipped it back a bit too as it'ds getting a big old sucker, it has white flowers, and there a philadelphus/mock organge near it, so there a lovely run of white flowers and sweet scent.

4:05 pm  
Anonymous pat said...

The floozies will look and smell heavenly. Just beware those killer thorns. I'll swear a narcissus which smells divine, is one I put in a couple of months ago. Today I planned to do some gardening and the heavens have opened yet again.

10:48 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Hi Pat, nice to see you back on line. I always wear gloves in the garden, I've got two pairs, one plastic with padded palms and finger for weeding and leather ones for tough jobs. I always have me "bad side" gloved, as I'm aware of the risk of infection on my lymph nodeless arm. I do get a little swelling in my hand though if I over do it, working above head height seems to be the worst thing I can do.

1:02 pm  

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