Friday, September 01, 2006

Well eyes are fine!

Well the short sightedness is worse, especially left eye, but both peepers are healthy, just crap at seeing lol!

I've ordered new frames, they are quite funky and black, which looks good with my steely white hair. They're like thingy Eclair the comic's specs. I had to get kids' frames as I have such a wee face. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow so I'll be a new woman by next week.

Stomach is still not good, but there's a bug going around so maybe I've got it.
Prints arrived from the printer yesterday and I'm going down to hang them tonight.
Nothing fancy, using the hall's photographic display boards. I'm pleased with about 95% of them. Print inks never quite match screen colours, but I put them all through a colour gamut check before I had them printed, so magentas etc look pretty good, no spotting etc.

I'm working on my poetry chapbook launch. My writers' group is helping me put on a wee event called "First Aid Kit for the Soul", we're going to be reading published and unpublished material, having a supper and hopefully raising a few quid for Cancer Research.

I've got the job of selecting the readings and writing all the links.
I'm enjoying the research though, the Scottish Poetry Library have been very helpful, and I hope to include some poems by Julia Darling, I bought one of her First Aid Kits for the Mind, our title borrows from that amazing box of tricks, and I have lots of other books,including Tony Harrison, Jackie Kay, Raymond Carver and some other daft things, including a funny piece from medical student blogger Karen Little, whose given me permission to use an article of hers.

I hope it works out.


Blogger PI said...

Jenny - Eclaire? Just a quick Hi and Bye. Be good! See you soon.

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