Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogger's Block

Not blogged for a few days, as I've been busy and also cos I didn't feel I had anything much to say.

Son got his exam results, of which four out of five were very good. The fifth was not so good, which means doing a resit, which in turn means changing his plans for next year. There's apparently a three step technique for communicating with teenagers:

- I feel. (name your feeling)
- When. (provide nonjudgmental description of behavior)
- Because. (give the effect the behavior has on you or others).

But I think you must have to a saint to use it, as it's very hard not to slip into the Nike technique of, "Just do it! OK!" after every reasonable enquiry is met with silence or shoulder shrugging.

Friends called to offer me the chance to jion them on a full day at the Festival, which was fun, last show was The Thai Lady Boys . Not something I'd have chosen to go to myself, but in the event great fun. Their finale had them all in pink mini kilts parading to the Proclaimers and Runrig, which went down well. Boy are those Lady Boys waxed to within an inch of their lives. They must have baths full of the stuff backstage.

Also went to a poetry book launch of Sushi and Chips at the Scottish Poetry Library. It was a nice night, and Colin's readings from the book were very enjoyable.

Still feeling tired, which is a pain. I think the funeral on Friday took a lot out of me. So I'm taking things slowly for the remainder of the week hoping to recharge my batteries a little. I have a check up which is starting to loom on the horizon like the first chink of a new dawn. If I don't feel better when it comes up I'll mention this fatigue, but I dread the tests that will then probably ensue.

N gets her MRI result tomorrow, in part that is on my mind too, but not as much as it is on hers. Only good thing is that she is pain free without taking any pain relief, so hopeful the volcano-like tumour has decided to go quiet again for a bit.
But as she says it's hard to plan anything, which in turn makes life and living a little too temporary.


Blogger Life of a Banana said...

Blogger block? have a cuppa of tea.

What result? A level?

Ladyboys are great. I've seen them in bang-cock. hilarious and great entertainers. Maybe some ladyboys can unplug your block?

12:54 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

I doubt it you cheeky sod, think they've very little "down there"!

Yes our equivalent of A level.

3:38 pm  
Blogger Life of a Banana said...

Well, i've seen some. i can guarantee you that they are not that small down under. That's a myth.

6:02 pm  
Blogger Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Too much info, Banana. Their appeal is in the mystery.

Returning your visit Apprentice. I've been promising myself a trip to the Fringe for years and still haven't made it. Maybe next year.

6:35 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Envy you your bit of culture. I wondered if Banana was familiar with Ladyboys. They sound very exotic.
I confess I still use 'Just do it!' and there is only my husband around.

11:15 pm  

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