Saturday, August 05, 2006

Early Morning

Couldn't sleep so I got up early and went out into the garden with a cup of tea.
I did some more digging, removing yet another barrowload of astrantia from under one of the apple trees, where it had choked out some irises . Even with the ground cleared the light there still isn't good enough for the irises to flower well, so I lifted the rhizones and cut them back by a third, to some healthy bits and then pared the leaves back by a third too, and replanted the lot into a sunny border.

Then I watered the greenhouse, and found a wee toad swimming in the water-butt. Don't know how it got in there as the thing stands four feet off the ground. I fished him out and set him down on the ground, there are other water sources in the garden, including two deep horse trough that have mini ponds in them, so he should be OK. Courgettes are doing well, the neighbours will start avoiding me soon as I try to palm my surplus off on to them.

Yesterday my husband and I (I sound like the Queen lol) attended the funeral of his Aunt C. She had been living with lymphoma for a while, but finally got very ill very quickly and nothing more could be done. The nicest thing about the whole funeral was that her son and two grandchildren played a piece of music that her son had composed. It's called Snowdrop, and is a jazz piece. They had a keyboard and double bass in the chapel and it was such a great change from the usual hymns.

That's my third funeral in three months, I guess I'm at that stage in life.

Tonight we hope to go to ceilidh, which should be a laugh. It's a fund raiser for friends of friends who are going off to cycle across Mexico. I don't know quite why they're doing the trip, but it sounds like a great one to make.

GPS (golf playing son) is in a championship final today, and his dad is caddying for him . I hope he pulls it off this year, last year he lost on the last hole. His handicap is down to 3.8, which is 0.2 below his target for the year, so he's doing well. National school exam results come out on Tuesday, so i hope he does as well in them.

Better get showered I'm filthy from all my digging.


Blogger Life of a Banana said...

Those wee toads are so adorable. We get a lot of them in our garden in Norfolk.

I don't understand golf.

8:45 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Me niether on the golf, but I have to pretend in order to live with them!

2:20 pm  
Blogger PI said...

When we retired I got clubs. shoes lessons, tapes - all the gear and was hit on the neck by a careless golfer and bashed on my nose by me - ricocheting at a driving range so decided it wasn't my thang. It cost the earth and I didn't like the way women were treated at the club - I'm just too bolshy. Also cost the earth. MTL did it for some years but has now packed it in. Oddly we both enjoy watching it on TV and I enjoy saying 'Never up never in!'

5:27 pm  

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