Saturday, July 22, 2006

Got up early to dig

This is one of my Cambo pix.

Worked in my own garden today. Digging out the tons of self seeded astrantia and cutting back things that have finished flowering. I also put in some new plants, a black sedum I saw at Cambo and the black bamboo I was given, plus some other grasses I have that needed a new situation, a miscanthus and a big stipa. So I should have lots of good verticals in this area next year.

It's great to have the strength again to really dig and pull and weed. The astrantia problem is in part due to me not being able to keep on top of things for about a year and a half. That and having a little pity party about what would be the point even if I did. But I feel enthused again, and it's a shame to see dominant plants taking over, it's a bit like letting the playground bully get things all his own way.

The news is just so bad. The Independent has strong things to say today about the value of a child's life. When are we all going to learn that we are not so different? This song by Karine Polwart simply says how pointless it all is:

I've Seen It All

Words and Music: Karine Polwart (Bay Songs Ltd)

Build a tower
Build a wall
Watch it burn
Watch it fall
Two for sorrow
And one for joy
I’ve seen it all

And it all comes undone

A pale man pleads
A pale man dies
One man applauds
And another cries
Teeth for teeth
And eyes for eyes
I’ve seen it all

And it all comes undone
And it all comes undone

Raise a flag
Raise your hands
Praise your Lord
And then raze his lands
While one falls
Another stands
And I’ve seen it all

And it all comes undone
And it all comes undone
And it all comes undone


Blogger Mother Damnable said...

I love getting up early to dig, there's something so satisfying about getting the labour out of the way early.

I expext you know that black bamboo can be invasive, but it is beautiful, I have mine in a huge tub, a portable bamboo grove!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'll look forward to getting to know you.

8:03 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks, yes I know it can be a pest, I've sink it into the ground in aa pot. At Cambo they had massive piece of roor on the compost heap, so that was a good warning.

thanks for stopping by.

1:54 pm  

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