Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've decided to take a break from life on line, at least until the turn of the year.
I'm not entirely sure why, I just know I feel overloaded with words, opinions and images etc, and a digital fast or retreat feels like a good way of cleansing my head and spirit for the prospect of a new year.

Andrei Arshavin, Arsenal's Russian striker, does a Shhh celebration whenever he scores a goal. And when he's asked why he does this he simply replies, Shhh

So here, with love, is a little piece of Shhh from me.

See you the other side of the year.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Piano Creeps

featuring Mary Lorson - she really should be a big star by now. This is just about the light level here!

Big tides

The beach on Friday, although much good did it do me, as the lurgy is back again. I just can't seem to shake it off, so I'm taking it easy to give my poor old immune system a chance.
The other shot is the dog taking a high-level leak.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Bit of a Sophie Calle experience

Or rather it is the reverse of a Sophie Calle experience. I am getting e-mail for someone with my name, but, judging by the mail's content, a whole different life from mine.

She is younger, with a new baby, has just bought a house and has joined a mother and baby group. I don't know where the error is in her e-mail address, and I'm not keen to reply to any of the messages I'm getting, so the stuff just keeps on coming. It is all a bit weird.

one dot omitted

and a voyeur receives

the perfect gift

And just to expand on the Calle element why not tell me about your own strangest virtual identity crisis?