Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aging dogs

G has been scratching his right, front elbow a lot. I've had a good look at it and he has a wee growth on it. At first I ythought it was a tick, as we've walked in deer country recently, but it is too firmly attached, so it must be some sort of warty growth. But it is better to get it properly checked, particularly as his scratching is irritating it and making it bleed.

He's been a very healthy wee dog, as most mongrels are, but I fear time is catching up with him at 12. He already has a heart murmur, though it doesn't seem to slow him down, but then he is still lean and pretty fit.

I'm ticking off tasks on my "to do list" before I go away next week. Yesterday I saw the Community Services supervisor and arranged for one of his teams to do some work on the new borders in the big garden. Tomorrow I'm seeing a plantswoman about ordering new plants from her to put in the ground next Spring.

The weather has been really poor for the camera this year, I'm just hoping we get a better autumn and I'll maybe get some decent shots.

Although I think all the practical stuff I'm doing at the moment is crowding out any creative feeling. I just hope it returns at some point, as I feel rather flat without it.


Blogger Lucy said...

Mol gets those warty things all the time, they're pretty harmless, though in some places they can be an irritant. They can freeze them off if necessary.

I know what you mean about the practical stuff v. the creative, but I think perhaps it also maintains a balance...

9:03 am  
Blogger BarbaraS said...

You're such a practical gal most of the time, that your poetry and photographs always stun me with their deceptive simplicity!

Hope yer dog checks up with the vet okay. When they get older they're a worry.

9:41 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thank you both. I think I'm just connecting with the real wqorld again. When you think you have very little time everything gets really concentrated -maybe I'm just coming up for air. It's good to just "be" for a bit.

G is fine, they shaved all round the offending thing and gave him two shots,antibiotic for the infection, because of the scrathing, and a steroid to calm it down. I now need to apply ointment to it to see if it will settle down, if not it will be a mini op at mega price!

They also checked his heart, which is still fine despite the murmur, but he's always been the right weight and been fit, and as with like people I think that helps.

So as I heard on the radio today we'll GBoFN - go buggering on for now, which was Churchill's signing off phrase

11:00 am  

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