Friday, February 29, 2008

Heart Notes

We are making good progress on the poetry pamphlet. We now have a title,
Heart Notes, which is the title of one of the poems, which deals with how smell evokes memory.In perfumery heart notes, or middle notes, are the scents that emerge in the middle of the perfume's dispersion process, following the top note which is perceived first. They are the notes that linger, a bit like memory.

The cover is a photograph that I took in Drum Castle Rose Garden last year, when I was helping to get it ready for the Open Day. There's also a poem in the pamphlet about dead heading roses in the walled garden.

And Judi Benson has very kindly agreed to look at a proof and hopefully provide us with a sleeve note.

I'm currently setting up another volunteering weekend at Drum so I sent the head gardener the cover photograph and told her about the pamphlet and she's asked if I'd like to read from it in the Rose Garden Open Day this July and maybe have a few copies in the Castle shop, which is great!

I've really enjoyed working with Colin as an editor, I've learned a lot, not least when to leave a poem well alone.

Today I have a really bad headache, to the point of a migraine, so I'll stop typing as my eyes are throbbing! Hope it's not a bug as we have tickets to see Tommy Smith the sax player this weekend.


Blogger Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

The cover and title are equally exquisite, Apprentice. Really beautiful. And brilliant news about being able to promote at the Rose Garden Open Day.

Do so hope the headache passes soon and you're feeling better and stronger.

10:14 am  

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