Monday, November 12, 2007

Vegging Out

The last week has been a funny mixture of frantic activity and vegging out.
I felt quite tired at the start of the week, the bite, the tablets, the time of year etc. So I watched some good telly. Current picks are:

BBC 4 series The Genius of Photography I'm learning so much from this and enjoying seeing again some of the fantastic photos I saw in MOMA in NY a while back when I spent days in their photography galleries.

BBC 1 Armstrong and Miller show, very good comedy. I thought the sketch on the daytime TV show was fab. The weatherman forecast crap weather and the hosts invited folk to text their opinions on what should happen to him for giving such a poor forecast. It quickly moved to a phone vote on burning him like the Wicker Man. Great satire on the current hellish broadcasting trend of "And now tell us what you think!"

BBC Scotland's new series Scotland's Music It is charting the history and development of Scottish music, including the journey it has taken with the Scottish diaspora.

Rest of the week has been a general catching up on really boring stuff, like paperwork and direct debits. Horrible but it has to be done. I despair of the amount of junk mail we get -I feel like tethering the recyling box to the back of the letterbox so it comes in and goes straight out!

Yesterday i snatched an hour at the beach. It was freezing and the surf was up. I didn't get much as the tide was so strong it was hard to watch the next wave and frame up a shot/move the tripod if it got too close.

A couple pix, one including a funny piece of flotsam - a child' s bouncy ball with a wee octopus in it.


Blogger f:lux said...

The Scotland's Music programme sounds fascinating! I've got someone to record the whole of Genius of Photography for me, but I did catch half an episode last week and now I'm really looking forward to the whole thing.

P.S. What's a cleg?

2:34 pm  
Blogger Verilion said...

I really like the bouncy ball shot. When I first saw it i thought it was a little crab in a bubble, but seeing it bigger just actually made it an even more kind of surreal shot.

8:20 pm  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

You've got killer gams by the way. Look at thelength of them there. Legs that go all the way up to the, um, beach-head, as it were.

Great shots.

6:45 pm  
Blogger Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You are sooo lucky to get to enjoy those Beeb programmes - here we have to wait for whatever BBC Prime dishes up.
That ball shot is magnificently surreal!
Hope you're recovered from the bite/sting.

1:15 pm  
Anonymous belle said...

I expect you've already done it but the Mail Preference Serivce stop a lot of the junk mail - find them on Google ... there's one for cold telephone calls, tooo!

8:21 pm  
Anonymous belle said...

Ohh, just seen the 'what's a cleg' question. Its a big bity insect you get in Scotland - usually looks a bit like a large clothes moth - and it always HURTS. I've come to the conclusion that they only live in Scotland ...

8:23 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Hi All.

F:lux. It will be a great series to have on DVD. I'm sure you'll watch it again and again. See Belle's comment re clegs!

Thanks V. I wish I'd got lower, but the sand was soaking.

Thanks Sam. I do have long legs for a wee person. My legs are as long as my husband's and he's 6 ins taller than me. But low winter light really distorts things :)

AV I would really miss the Beeb if I lived abroad, although there's a lot of dross on the BBC now too.

Belle I've done the phone one, but not the other, must look into it - thanks.

12:05 am  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Glad you enjoyed your day at the beach. It's a great place to go to rest and recreate.
Your TV choices sound like a lot more fun anfd informing than the TV we get here.
Ah yes ... the Scottish diaspora - what a multitudinous subject ... very talented, intelligent people the Scots!

7:09 am  
Blogger Lucy said...

That bouncy ball was such a good find!
I'm hoping they'll bring 'the Genius of Photoography' out on DVD, as we don't have digital.

3:54 pm  

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