Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Smooth or Hairy

I heard an interesting discussion about body hair removal based on research done by a Dutch academic.

She reckons we are removing more and more body hair because we are developing a deep-seated desire to remain as child-like as possible, or maybe even a yen to be smooth and machine like.

She also said that older women remove less hair, some only bothering to do it in the summer months, when legs etc are on display.

So I thought I do a wee straw poll on the subject.


Blogger Lucy said...

I seem to be very typical of your readers!
I only discovered waxing quite recently when my friend took me along for a treat - and surprisingly it really was! Yeah, it sort of hurts a little bit but feels so nice afterwards, and it's the thing about being pampered, I suppose. Don't get around to it very often, a quick once over with a Bic disposable is the most my legs usually get, then only in the summer.

1:24 pm  
Blogger f:lux said...

I never used to epilate - my fav-ex actually told me off when I shaved my legs once! - but then, unlike men, whose leg fuzz buzzes of somewhere as they age, as I get older I think I'm getting hairier... And convention, or fashion, has changed. In the Guardian Weekend mag, Mike Figgis wrote (of a film called 'The Tide'), "Interesting socialogical moment when the girl is naked: her huge bush dates the film more than would any flared trouser-leg." It sort of shocked and surprised me to read it put so bluntly, even though it sort of makes sense? And, given this sort of attitude, is it any wonder that women might feel under pressure to wax etc? In fact, might we be responding more to this pressure (or desire to please) than from any personal sub/conscious wish to remain childlike?

3:13 pm  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I have a friend out here in California who keeps her body, apart from her head, hair-free at all times! Really, even round her bits she's bald as an egg. She's married but has no children otherwise I have no idea how she'd have the time, far less the inclination.


12:49 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

I love that body hair can date film more than flare f:lux!

I'm with you on the high maintenance thing Sam, plus it hurts. I've done the completely thing, including eyebrows and lashes. Lashes are worst, every bit of crud gets into your eyes.
I kind of treasure my body hair these days, although it's still fairly sparse in pits and bits thanks to chemo.

5:19 pm  

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