Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Balderdash and Piffle

"Hit BBC2 series Balderdash & Piffle returns this spring with Victoria Coren back at the helm and a new set of intriguing word mysteries from the Oxford English Dictionary, which aims to be the definitive record of the English language."

This programme seeks to establish when, where and how certain phrases entered the English langauge.

A full list of the phrases they're investigating this series can be found

I love British English, it's just so adaptable and humorous. This morning on the radio they said the last series had proved that "Ploughman's Lunch" isn't some Ye Olde English
phrase - no it was invented by the then Milk Marketing Board at a meeting in the 1970s to flog more cheese! Now that's marketing genuis.

This year's list includes the "dog's bollocks" which I think is a fantastic phrase for saying something/one is great, much earthier than the prissy "cat's whiskers"

And we have another reason to be proud today, a 14 year old Brit is about to complete a solo crossing of the Atlantic. Apparantely his Dad has sailed 1 mile behind him all the way across - if he's anything like my son that will be to ensure he actually gets up in the morning! More info here:

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Blogger PI said...

That boy goes to the same school as my grand-son. A bit of reflected glory! I'd have kittens if he had done it - followed by my son!

3:48 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

The bit that got me was that he went into the water to cut the snagged roped.

Kind of knocks the school run into a cocked hat - kids shhould take a few more risks I think.

5:00 pm  

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