Monday, January 18, 2010


The snow is all but gone, the pond has defrosted and the fieldfare has left for pastures new.

Yesterday I started my annual cleaning out of the greenhouse, and began by washing all the algae off the glass, to let in the maximum amount of light. My auriculas seem to have come through to cold spell pretty well, probably due to the fact that I kept them on the dry side in good gritty compost. I hope they will now start to put on some growth, as I can't wait to put them out on the "theatre" that I've created for them.

Last week I did some still life work with camera. I like to collect old kitchen utensils, potato ricers etc, etc and I had an idea for using this 1950 aluminium sieve/colander thingy. One shot from the session has since been accepted by the e-zine Mung Being, so I'll link it once it is up there.

And we went to see "Sex, Drugs and Rock &Roll" - the film about Ian Dury. I've always loved his lyrics and this biopic is brilliantly done, Andy Serkis is Dury. It's well worth a look if your sick of the usual cinema fare.

I'm also getting hooked on the Beeb's new series of Wallander. I didn't like it first time around, preferring the Swedish series with subtitles. I wouldn't say the plots are great, sometimes it is just Bergerac with schnapps, but I do like those big gloomy landscapes.

This is Emily Barker's "Nostalgia", which is the theme tune to the series.


Blogger Pat said...

I've enjoyed both Wallanders - not sure why except it's different and I find the bleakness appealing.
I heard talk about the Durie film - I always loved his rythym stick. Apparently he was much darker than I envisaged and I'm not sure I would want to see this.

2:55 pm  
Blogger savannah said...

i am envious! i'm lucky the plants inside my house survive, sugar! gardening outside seems so daunting. xoxox

3:19 pm  

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