Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well my knee is almost a normal size again. Not sure what was wrong, but anti-inflammatories helped, as did a delicious massage that N bought me for my birthday that I had put off using.

At the weekend I'm doing some photos of my friend's new wee dog. It was her fiftieth birthday recently and I offered to take some portraits as a present. I like photographing dogs and cats almost as much as people. This is a hairy beast I took a while back.

I'm also finalising the orders for the raised herb beds in the big garden. I've had to rejig some things, as the nurseries concerned have had complete crop failure on a few things, thanks to the very cold winter we had.

And trying to pull together an interpretation board for the Open Day - after that I'm going to step down, as I'm finding that I just don't have the time for personal things any more. I'm a bit sad about it, but relief is the bigger emotion, and I think I should start listening to myself now and again, as I simply don't have the energy that I used to.


Blogger BarbaraS said...

Sometimes letting go of something can be so rewarding. I know that you're always busy, I didn't know how you found the energy, you often put me to shame. Must be that Scottish work ethic ye have.

I know you'll have plenty to do in the meantime :)

1:44 pm  
Blogger Rachel Fox said...

I've just written a dog poem today! Not my first and probably not my last..

3:57 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

I think you're right B -I just need to get over my innate Scottish sense that giving up on anything = failure!

Rachel I'm sure it will have that great wry look at life that your work has.

11:30 am  
OpenID rosneath said...

you take care of yourself - that's what we are bad at in Scotland. just keep going and then wonder why we are ill.


2:27 pm  
Blogger PI said...

I get great pleasure from watching animals and would love to be a fly on the wall during the session. In a pub the other day a cream long haired lab(I think) gave me a dazzling smile - I'll swear.
Looking back I wonder where I got the energy to do all I used to but you know what - I don't regret giving up a single thing and i still haven't time to spit.

3:12 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Relief like that can be quite a high.

Lovely dog. I prefer animals to people to photograph, though babies I don't mind; something to do with self-consciousness and emabarrassment.

Are you pleased about Carol Anne Duffy? A Scot by birth I believe.

9:47 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Yes it is great news re Duffy.
I think she will do a lot of good in the post -not least donated her honorarium to fund a new poetry prize.

10:22 pm  

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