Friday, February 01, 2008

Just not fair!

I never get used to this. This is the latest bulletin on my dear friend Joanne.
Darryl, her brother, has posted this message on Joanne's own blog, which she's used to keep family and friends up to date. (Blogs are a blessing for this, there's just no energy for endless calls and e-mails.)

We were diagnosed at the same time five years ago. I got lucky, Joanne didn't. I just wanted to record her bravery here too.


Darryl here, on behalf of Joanne, who asked me to provide an update to all of you.

It has been a most challenging week. Things changed quite dramatically on Sunday night when Joanne ended up in the hospital due to a high fever. She spent a day in Emergency until she was finally able to be admitted into the Oncology ward. In the meantime, on Monday, additional results came back, from her latest CT scan, that indicated further progression, this time to her brain. This news has set the next chapter of this journey into motion. The focus of Joanne’s treatments has shifted from active to palliative. There are no plans for additional chemo at this time. Tomorrow, Joanne is having the first of several palliative radiation treatments focused on the brain and esophagus progression. The intention of this phase of radiation is to ease the onset of symptoms that would otherwise arise from this new progression. Next steps and future treatment options are unclear at this time.

Joanne, Gord, Michelle, Craig and Brian are facing these latest challenges with the same strength and focus that we have all seen and drawn inspiration from in the past months and years. The continued support and prayers from all of you are appreciated very much, especially during this next most challenging phase.

31 January 2008"


Anonymous Sam, Problemchildbride said...

What sad news. I am so sorry.

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