Thursday, January 31, 2008

New York, New York

I've been contacted by a Spanish magazine who want to use one of my Royalty Free shots of the Statue of Liberty in a piece on NY. I get a photo credit etc. They're sending me the article as a PDF so I'll post a bit if I can. Another shot, of Strawberry Fields in Central Park, is going into some catalogue in the US - for dress bow ties of all things! They're doing one called Strawberry Fields, which is what the John Lennon memorial in the park is called. My Morguefile shots were all taken when I was really very green with a camera, but they keep getting downloaded so they must be of some use, and of course they are free.

I've just read the A L Kennedy review in the Glasgow Herald, she's in NY to receive another award for her latest book, the name of which escapes me right now. Anyway she's been bird watching in Central Park, looking at the crackles,an amazing starling like bird, but bigger and more vibrant than ours. The park is a fantastic space for birds, one of the prime sites on the whole east coast I think. It is just the sort of anal thing I would do if I was let loose there again. That and haunt the photography gallery at MOMA!

I'd love to go back, it's a fabulous city. My friend and are promising each other a road trip over there some day. We'd drive down the East Coast and then go see my friend in PA and my niece in FL.

Looking at the snow piling up outside I wish it was happening right now!


Blogger Shameless said...

Yes, NY is on my list of places to go again. Once was not enough. Perhaps for my 40th this year?

3:21 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Good to catch up. Must be satisfying to have pictures used, even without a fee!

5:48 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Good News re the pictures.
Never yet been to America, let alone NY, and think something should be done about this.
Lovely combination,pictures/poetry; I admire both you and Lucy 's work.

8:26 am  

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