Friday, November 16, 2007

Retail Therapy

Yesterday N and I went shopping, which I hate but needs must as I'm going to a party on Saturday night - although it may be like a wake if a certain football match goes against us!

Anyway I got something to wear, but I also bought a great cap/hat in M&S. I usually hate hats,especially cloche, pull over your ears jobs as I had to wear them when I lost my hair, but I love this - so much so that I've been wearing it in the house.
It has a beautiful silky, sky-blue patterned lining, which I hope will transmit sunny summer thoughts directly to my gray matter, and the outside is a bitter chocolate mousse tweedy knobbly brown.

N had me in fits of laughter miming how she looks sideways at her new couch, which was an expensive impulse buy that she now finds she loathes. She is an incredible actress when she wants to be.

Today I wore my hat and worked in the garden, cutting back peonies, acanthus, asters and the like. I also picked the last of the Buff Beauty roses to bring indoors, and the scent just wafted back to a June morning.

Not managing much photography, in part because the light today flat and dull so little point unless I do close-ups where the colours would be more saturated.
However this week I've had three contacts about old shots on, I've mentioned this site before - it is a free stock resource for people doing academic or not-for-profit type work or small arts projects. Anyway three pictures have been picked up. One of sheep may be used on the cover of a forthcoming scientific book on Foot and Mouth disease, one of cotoneaster berries is being used in a magazine article about DEFRA's plans to ban this plant and one of NY is being used as part of a multi-picture in a forthcoming American book on the subject. Just wish I got paid too although I'm getting photo credits. But it gives me heart to keep plugging away at things.

A while back I did a few multi media things, using only my own photographs layered and adapted in Photoshop. These are three of them here.


Blogger Lucy said...

I'd like to be able to do such things in Photoshop, these are great.
The new hat sounds good, I really like the idea of things where the lining is as beautiful, if not more,than the outside.
A pity you don't get paid for the photos; also rather a pity your lovely images are being used for such utilitarian purposes, especially about the cotoneaster -why do they want to ban it? But at least they do credit you rather than just stealing them!

5:22 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Here a Telegraph article about it:

This is the list

and this is the article;jsessionid=2GTDEYLD3E5MZQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/earth/2007/11/08/eanative108.xml

5:28 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Went the wake well?

10:15 am  

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