Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life's a little calmer

Well I didn't really miss my boy until today. I caught the dog looking for him in his room first thing, and that choked me up a little. It's so quiet and peaceful around here though, but he'll be back on Saturday, as he's working here on Sunday until he can get a part time job in town, no doubt with his dirty washing in tow.

He was up till 4.30am on his the first night in halls talking to all his new flatmates. I haven't felt so old as when I was putting the stuff in his room and I was surrounded by all these fresh faced young men - who I might add were all quite willing to let their Mums lug everything up the stairs!

It doesn't seem five minutes ago that I was visiting his Dad on his campus - we dated from the age of seventeen!

The 100th birthday party was fun. The old man has lived and worked in the UK since the 1940s but still has citizenship of the Irish Republic, so he got a telegram from the Queen and 2,500 Euros from the Dublin Government. I know which I'd prefer!

These are pictures from our walk on Sunday. The light was very poor, flat and gray, but the heather is late this year due to the wet summer, so the moor was still a pleasing purple. And the piece of sculpture is from the garden at Little Sparta, see entry below for link on this. The owner named it Little Sparta after he became embroiled in a tax row with Edinburgh Council over the garden's status in relation to local taxes.Edinburgh is known the Athens of the North, so he dubbed the garden Little Sparta.

I cooked N dinner last night and heard all about her Cape Town trip. Her friend there took her to meet Desmond Tutu, who is a family friend, and N said he is a wonderful man, full of all the warmth and humour that comes across on the TV. She looks well and the radio therapy seems to have reduced the bone pain, although she had an MRI yesterday on her spine and pelvis and is waiting for the results. Her spirit and sense of adventure still amazes me.

We're going off to Tuscany soon. I can't wait. I just hope there will be some early autumn sunshine to top me up for the winter.


Blogger Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh that picture of the moor is just gorgeous.
And yes, Desmond Tutu is a wonderfully warm and very funny man.
And Tuscany, oh oh oh, now I've gone a vivid shade of green - have a wonderful time!

3:44 pm  
Blogger Verilion said...

I love the mixture of being choked up when seeing the dog looking for your son to looking forward to your holiday in Tuscany. My parents so enjoyed me leaving to go to Uni that they decided to take some action to get my older bro out too. I think they panicked that he would never leave if they didn't give him a gentle shove!

5:16 pm  
Blogger Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Time is fleeting... isn't it?
Turn around one minute and suddenly everything is 100 years old.

Heather on the hill... made me smile and think of Brigadoon.

Please, please, please... post in depth and often when you get to Tuscany.

I'd love to see it through your camera lens and keyboard.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

9:20 pm  
Blogger blkbutterfly said...

the bit about the dogs looking for your son even made me a little sad. it's the little things that always seem to do it.

your travels always leave me a little jealous. :-) i hope you have a great time in Tuscany!

11:12 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thabks BB. It makes me sad too, wish I could explain it to him. He's taken to sleeping in his room now, though that maybe be because he sneaks onto the bed in the night!

11:33 am  

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