Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Germ of a poem

Germ of a poem

backlight marran grass
a yellow stranded snail
rain on a cool tin roof
words collect, pool,run
inside my head
but there’s nothing
left to say that’s
not been better said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the poem! There's an accepting peace to it.

Wonderful picture too. :)

2:23 pm  
Anonymous c.s. said...

i don't know if i'm wrong, but i have this sense of serenity when i read this.

4:20 pm  
Blogger Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I love that.
What a way with thoughts and words you have.
What a wonderful way.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

9:54 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Yet keep on saying it. The photo looks uncomfortably familiar. Could it be that i have just washed my hair?

8:37 am  
Blogger Cailleach said...

Very well put A: again you strike just the right note.

10:34 am  

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