Sunday, February 11, 2007

Paul Abbot

Kirsty Young's castaway this week is the playwright Paul Abbot, he's responsible for some of the UK's best television drama of the last few years, and he has achieved this from the double disadvantage of being bi-polar, with several suicide attempts behind him, and coming from a poor, parentless family of eight.

Refreshing to hear his views rather than people who have one eye on posterity and are often so up themselves they're almost inside out.
Details of his choices here.

He has some wonderful things to say about worrying about becoming a parent when you've no blue print to fall back on.

Also watched the BBC 2 Scotland Celtic Connections programme last night. See the whole thing here .It was wonderful, especially Dick Gaughan singing Now Westlin winds and the Asturian band Tejedor, the young lead singer is so like a younger version of my Basque friend N. We're really looking forward to N's sister coming over this month, she's a well-known musician in Spain, she's currently working on a film score.



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