Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OK some good news, well great news really!!

First Gus' tumour was benign, it is some sort of strange cell mutation thing that is common on dogs' legs and it was confined to the skin, so complete excision should be an end to it. We're all so relieved as we really love the bumptious wee bugger.

Second good news is I picked up my prize tonight for winning the landscape section of this competition
And the best bit of my prize is that in March I'll get to spend two hours out on the Bass Rock with Laurie Campbell who is one of Scotland's leading wildlife photographers.

This is some info on the Bass Rock, which is a world renowned site of special scientific interest.

I really can't believe that I won, there were some amazing shots, but I'm just really pleased that someone local won, with a local landscape - my misty trees shot.

You can't believe how good it feels to have made this level of progress from picking up a point and click camera to take out with me as I worked to get fit again after chemo. I used to tell myself I had to get a least one worthwhile shot each day from a different part of the river walk near my home and every day I'd walk a bit further.

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Blogger Colin Will said...

Congratulations, apprentice. That's fantastic, and well deserved - I think your photography is marvellous.

11:25 pm  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Oh that is so fantastic! Well deserved that is such an awesome photo. I am soooo pleased for you! Congratulations and looking forward to reading and seeing the results of your time on the rock.

12:17 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thank you both. I've not come down yet, keep thinking there's been some mistake.

Worse bit was getting my picture taken as I really hate being the other side of a lens.

I just hope it's not too rough going out to the Bass Rock. I've been on a field trip there once, years ago, and the birds are in touching distance, so it should be amazing.

12:26 am  
Blogger f:lux said...


9:35 am  
Blogger PI said...

I love good news - it puts a real shine on the day. Cuddles for Gus and many congrate. If you never took another photo - that one stands unassailable.
I'm wondering how the hell you are going to land there in March? Helicopter? Parachute? Sure will be exciting!

10:45 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks f;lux means a lot coming from you.

Pi, I know the boat out there can be really rough, I'll be fine away from the engine, it's the diesel that makes me barf!

10:57 am  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

God, well done you! That's terrific news. I'm a big fan of your photography and it's just brilliant to see you get recognition like this for it. And especially for that picture.

Good news about Gus too. He won't see it that way when he's having it removed, of course, but it must be a relief for you knowing there's nothing more sinister there.

Congratulations! Top job, that woman!

6:29 pm  
Blogger Cailleach said...

Terrific news about the competition, Apprentice. Telling of you to put it second to the results on Gus.

I really hope you enjoy your prize immensely - you deserve it!

7:55 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks B! It's the first thing I've won since being senior sports champ at school, I used to be a runner as a kid, lol!

11:07 am  

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